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About Us

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About Us

Eco Homes is a young company consisting of experts from various fields that specializes in business development exploring green products and sustainable solutions.


Since nature can no longer be viewed merely as a storehouse of “resources” for human use and profit, the company promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable business, which create and implement such decisions based on natural resource awareness.


Eco Homes cooperates closely with research institutions and business organizations.


Eco Homes aims to increase effort on technology innovation while focusing on green and environmentally friendly products.

Business development

Eco home seeks to implement responsible and sustainable business development, embedding sustainability into the core decision making of a company and integrating it throughout all business dimensions, enabling the creation of novel solutions to satisfy market needs.


Eco homes strongly believes in colaboration with researchers and science institutions who are commited to create new sustainable products for tommorow markets.


We believe that strategic innovation management, sustainable development, entrepreneurship and new technologies can make a change for sustainable tomorrow.